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 Post subject: Re: The free tuning of the Free Integral Hang
PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:20 pm

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Hi Balázs,
PANArt canceled regular tuning service in 2011. To understand more about this read their communication "The call of iron":

They offer repair and maintenance service for customers in the isolated case of an accident.

They will not repair instruments bought second hand for prices higher than the original sale price.

Contact data for a repair request you will find in the "Hang Guide":

What sounds a bit strange in your post is that you said that you bought a second generation Hang "2003, Austria from an official distributora". In 2003 the first generation Hanghang were built. The second generation started 2006 and were sold by PANArt directly only.


 Post subject: Re: The free tuning of the Free Integral Hang
PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:27 am

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Hi Michael!

Thanks for the answer, and information.
I'm sorry. I'm a bit confused with the different names of the Hang. It's not so easy because I've only seen a few here, and on the net there are a lot fake information about it. (by the way, thanks for Your precious work!!!:)
It is not the first type, as far as I'm concerned, it is the second. Maybe it's a HangHang, I don't know. It's a Pygmi.
here is a sample:

Also it was 10 years ago, maybe I remember wrong, but I think it was in 2003, october in fact.

I remember that I bought it from someone, who has been on the website of PANart as a distributor, when I started to seak for the Hang (in 2003 january, or by the end of 2002 I think)!
I haven't bought it on e-bay, and it wasn't any more expensive!

I understand that a lot people are trying to get close to the producers, or want to make easy money on this.
I only want to play and enjoy mine, and to achieve what I have planned about how to play on my Hang!

But now I'm affraid to hit it, because I know, that's almost impossible to replace it. It is unfortuneatelly detuned, but I would like to declare I never used it with a mallet because I love the body sound, which can be only achieved by hand, and I played it very gently allways.
Now I have (I hope) the opportunity to visit Switzerland. I can't afford a trip like that anytime.

please answer if You can
(I wrote an email to contact(at)hangforum(dot)com also, if You want You can answer me in private, I don't want to write here the name of the distributor)

Thanks again

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