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 Post subject: The pillory. An open letter.
PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2012 4:59 pm

Joined: Wed Oct 27, 2010 3:47 pm
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Location: Deutschland/ südlich von Bremen
Hello Mods and Admins. Hello dear reader.

i just came back from a four weeks journey and I am very surprised to find myself on the new "pillory".
On the forum legend is a new user group called "Moderated Users".
If a member of this group will post something, an Admin or Moderator must unlock this posting, before it is readable.
If the Admin or Moderator dont like the posting, he will not allow the Forum community to read the thoughts from this poster.
My user name is now tinted in red and above all my older postings on this forum it is clear for all members to see: " This is Frank S. Branded as someone, with unwanted views and ideas ".

It is almost a real satire. The Admins and Mods on are so proud of her "free and liberal" forum.
Hey......... I was in holiday! I dont make any posting since weeks.
You are blocking me, because you fear that I post something in the future, what you dont like.

There are two more people on this pillory. People who know m.hang and his "way to discuss" , fair , factual and with "cool head" must just shake their heads.
My only explanation for this is, that the Admins and Mods on are submissive towards the wishes of other Handpanmakers.
For example asked Bellsmaker Luis the Admins "not to allow" postings with the
currently price of the BElls.
M.Hang made a posting, where he asked why it is a problem, if people could read on the forum that the price is 1500 Euro.
This posting was deleted by an Mod and a short time later, M.Hang was in the group of "people with unwanted thoughts".

This is realy a kind of real satire for me and I am more amused and surprised as upset.

Actions speak louder than words...

Frank Sturm

 Post subject: Re: The pillory. An open letter.
PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2012 4:08 pm

Joined: Sun Apr 05, 2009 1:15 pm
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It doesn't seem worse than what you guys do in this forum, which is denying a number people access to the private area.

Actually, it's quite a bit more considerate and respectful than what you do.

 Post subject: Re: The pillory. An open letter.
PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2012 10:51 am

Joined: Wed Oct 27, 2010 3:47 pm
Posts: 379
Location: Deutschland/ südlich von Bremen
Hello Todd,

thank you for your thoughts.

I hope that i am able to explain the big difference with my limited english.

On this forum anybody has the freedom of expression on public. The registry is open and there is no censor, who allow postings or not. Before we change the Forum, we made an archiv of older postings. There are a lot of postings where i take a different view as the poster. But this is normal and highly welcome on an open community. We dont delete any content.

Yes, there is a private area on this forum. It is an experiment to bring Hangplayers together on a non public area. A lot of people dont wont to speak about some topics on a world wide public.
To this day only a few people got a rejection, if they want to be part of the discussion on the Hangplayers room. If you want, I can explain the reasons. But all of them could easy post what they want on the open forum.
That not all people could read in this forum is not censorship. People who are member on this private area could also post on the open forum. So, if they want to answer on open topics it is no problem.

And. We dont have a pillory for those people! It is not the same as on where all people could read, who is a person with undesirable thoughts and opinions.

The last days I read a lot of very hard stuff on One member was speaking about the Holocaust. I have a screenshot of this posting. He was speaking about an well known Steelpan tuner from Switzerland and he wrote that it is no wonder, that people who kill millions of people make postings like these steelpan tuner from Switzerland.
Ok. he is a newbie and maybe he thought the tuner was from germany.
Is this member now a "moderated user"? No! Gidda delete only this part of his posting. That was all.
Only one of some examples, where people are breaking the "netiquette" and much more. But they are not censored.

M.Hang was censored, because he made a posting about the price from the Bellart Bells. This was the reason to censor him in the future.
The Admins on fear, that some Handpan makers dont like them. The Handpan makers can do what they want on I think the Bellsmaker asked the admins on not to allow discussions about some aspects of his work. I know the background and reasons for that.
I was censored in the time of my holiday. I made no postings for weeks. I think the admins fear, that I post something similar as M.Hang. They know, that i am a friend of M.Hang.

I hope you see the difference?

Yes, you cant read on the private area. But you can express free your opinions on this place. I cant do the same on

By the way. You cant read some areas on also. There is an area also for admins and mods. Is this censorship? I dont think so.

Frank Sturm

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