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 Post subject: PANArt’s Free Integral Hang: Daydreams Before Profits
PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2012 8:32 pm

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“Whatever it is, the Free Hang is certainly not a conventional product that can be bought by anyone with a credit card. PANArt’s way of working might seem strange from the point of view of conventional businesses, with one exception. Clearly controlled scarcity of a product can add value. However, PANArt make little or no attempt to exploit the scarcity of the Hanghang. If we leave aside the conventional view of business, we can see intriguing parallels between PANArt and other people that put creativity at the heart of their projects.” – Rupert Cocke

Originally Rupert Cocke submitted his “Case Study on Managing Creativity” as a project for an MA course at Bournemouth University.

Now PANArt's Free Integral Hang: Daydreams Before Profits is published in the Hang Library.

For German readers:
Wem der lange englische Text zu anstrengend ist, wartet am besten auf die deutsche Übersetzung, die in Kürze erscheinen wird. Ich kann noch nicht genau sagen wann sie fertig ist.


 Post subject: Re: PANArt’s Free Integral Hang: Daydreams Before Profits
PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2012 9:48 am

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WOW, what an amazing read. That has given me more insight than ever into the Free Integral Hang and indeed the pursuits of PANart... more so it's actually reinforced I think what I already knew, but most definitely picked up some new an interesting facts from that.

I hope this actually helps to enlighten other people too in what PANart are about, it made a lot of sense to me so hopefully it will do the same for others.

Well written and referenced, this has clearly taken a lot of time to put together. What it's done for me is actually make me want to explore a FIH, I have as yet had little to no time with one and I want to explore my inner sanctum.

For me actually this is the same reason I got in Didjeridu, I get lost in my own creativity and I actually think i've lost my way with it. The Didjeridu allows personal exploration of sound, it makes sense now, it's great to make music with others but there is nothing more invigorating, relaxing and deeply meditative about personal exploration.... I need some time to get back in touch.

Thankyou, I really mean that!


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